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Xtreme Series

Xtreme Series: Xtreme Clinics and Camps are designed to go far beyond the basics. Each stand-alone clinic is narrowly focused on specific techniques/tactics needed by the experienced high school and/or club volleyball athlete. Topic is specified and mastery of fundamental skills in the position is a prerequisite. All Xtreme position camps require high school and or/club experience played at the particular position and are designed to give participants exposure to the mastery skills required in all areas of the particular postion. High-level setting is provided for XTREME attacking camps.

Attendees: Boys & girls age 14 & up with considerable high school or competitive club experience.  Triangle staff reserves the right to review and contact applicants to ensure clinic quality.

Offerings: Participants are welcome to repeat camps and clinics.  Each Xtreme Clinic focuses on a topic which is noted next to the date and time it is offered. 

  • Camps/Courses: Xtreme Libero/DS Position Camp, Xtreme Middle Blocker Position Camp, Xtreme Outside/Right Side Hitter Position Camp, Xtreme Setter Position Camp
  • Clinics: Xtreme Defense, Xtreme Middle Blocker, Xtreme Outside/Right Side, Xtreme Setter

Early-Bird Registration-Early-bird rates expire at midnight prior to the start date of each camp/clinic. Walkins and same day registrants are accepted ONLY if space permits. All participants must register online. For more information please review Triangle Camp and Clinic Policies.

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Xtreme Series Offerings

Xtreme Defense ClinicClinics are designed to push advanced defensive players past the technical basics.  Clinic topics include extreme balls and emergency defensive techniques. $37 Early-bird [Regular $45]FALL:#1 – Sun, September 8, 1-230 PM#2 – Sun, September 22, 1-230 PM#3 – Sun, October 6, 1-230 PM
Xtreme Middle Blocker ClinicClinics are designed to focus on the essential skills needed to become a successful middle blocker.  Clinic topics offer both offensive and defensive training. $37 Early-bird [Regular: $45]FALL:#1 – Sun, September 8, 4-530 PM#2 – Sun, September 22, 230-4 PM#3 – Sun, October 6, 230-4
Xtreme Outside/Right Side ClinicClinics are designed for both Outside and Right side hitters.  Clinic topics focus on offensive techniques and strategies. $37 Early-bird [Regular: $45]FALL:#1 – Sun, September 15, 1-230 PM#2 – Sun, September 29, 1-230 PM#3 – Sun, October 13, 1-230 PM
Xtreme Setter ClinicClinics are designed to focus on pushing advanced setters to the next level.  Clinic topics focus on offensive strategies and responding to difficult scenarios. *For more setter training options check out TSA and TSA Advantage.Cost: $37 Early-bird. [Regular: $45]FALL:#1 – Sunday, September 8, 230-4 PM#2 – Sunday, September 22, 230-4 PM#3 – Sunday, October 13, 230-4 PM