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AP Groups-Advanced Placement

BEYOND FUNDAMENTALS – Advanced Placement Groups is high level positional training for qualified high school-aged female athletes. AP Groups positional training will be 1-1/2 hours in length. AP Groups training is designed to push the performance of each individual athlete in a positive direction by creating an environment for maximum growth.

This is our most elite training and we have and continue to see tremendous demand for AP Groups [especially in the fall]. We make every effort to meet demand from eligible athletes for AP Groups but our ability to offer this program is subject to finite court space and staff time.

For AP Groups participation athletes must possess the following at a minimum:

  •   Be a high school volleyball player, grades 9-12*.
  •   Possess a mastery of positional fundamentals.
  •   Have significant high level playing experience [i.e. club volleyball]
  •   Be in solid physical condition
  •   Possess a strong work ethic

* A limited number of qualified rising 9th graders [Fall 2019] will be considered for AP Groups. In order to be considered as a rising 9th grader you must FIRST complete our AP Groups Pre-Participation Survey.

NOTE: we will do our best to accept as many qualified applicants as possible. Our XTREME CLINICS are a great alternative to AP Groups for athletes who do not meet the minimum requirement or who are not accepted into AP Groups.

NON-TRIANGLE members for the current season are encouraged to join our AP Groups mailing list to receive AP Groups reminders.

2019 AP Groups Dates/Times

#1 Sunday, August 18, 1-400pm
#2 Sunday, September 8, 530-830pm
#3 Sunday, September 22, 530-830pm
#4 Saturday, October 12, 930-1100am
#5 Sunday, October 20, 245-415pm

*Fall 2019 Registration opens August 1st

*For each session participants attend 1-1/2 HOUR for their PRIMARY position during the specified time period.

  • Time of the athlete’s session will be solely determined by group placement; no special request.  Class size is limited and enrollment is based on application approval by program director.


  • $50/session Early-bird* for AP Positional Groups
  • Fees due in advance through Oasys. No drop-ins
  • Cancellations are subject to an administrative fee

*only if space allows and registration is approved will athletes be allowed to register late. The late registration fee is $75.

CLICK HERE to register and pay for current AP Group offerings

CURRENT AP Groups Athlete Groupings/Schedule

General rules for AP Groups participation:

  • Athletes must attend the AP Groups for their PRIMARY position only. There are no exceptions.
  • Athletes can only be considered for placement in AP Groups if they register and pay in advance through Oasys [see below].
  • The actual time for an individual athlete’s AP Groups training will depend on the athlete’s group placement. Athletes must be flexible and attend at the time instructed, no exceptions.
  • Athlete placement will be at the sole discretion of Triangle staff.
  • Participation in AP Groups is subject to review and approval by our AP Groups staff. Not every athlete who registers will necessarily be deemed eligible to participate. If you feel your eligibility is uncertain please contact us or use the AP Groups Pre-Participation Survey to provide relevant information meant to seek AP Groups participation approval.

How to apply for AP Groups?

  • Athletes must apply by registering AND paying for AP Groups through Oasys (see below) by midnight MONDAY PRIOR to the AP Groups Session date.
  • Triangle processes all AP Groups applications on Tuesday and will post rosters on our website [see below] by noon Thursday. By viewing rosters athletes can see their assigned group and clinic time.

What do I do after I apply?

  • Check the AP Groups Athlete Schedule [see link below] after noon each Thursday prior the AP Groups session for group assignments/clinic times.
  • Athletes are grouped in a variety of ways so session times could change from week-to-week.

Contact Nikki O’Connell or CJ Hunter if there are questions.


AP Group positional training involves: 

  • Small group [6-8], high coach:athlete ratio
  • College preparatory technical content
  • Live, fast-paced environment
  • High quality reps and feedback
  • Game-like, competitive format

Q: Is AP Groups a good way to see if I’m a fit for a Triangle club team?

A: AP Groups is not used by Triangle or its coaching staff as an evaluation tool for team selection and will NOT be used to determine an athlete’s placement for the upcoming club season. It is, however, an excellent opportunity for athletes to experience our training environment and teaching style.